A4 Cut Resistant Gloves, Portwest Cut Resistant Gloves

A4 Cut Resistant Gloves, Portwest Cut Resistant Gloves

Portwest Cut Resistant gloves provide cut resistant gloves to prevent injuries to hands and fingers. Texas Safety Supply is a Huge supplier of A4 cut resistant gloves with cut of Cut level A1 to cut level A7.

A few steps are needed to be considered when selecting the appropriate A4 cut resistant gloves for your working environment. The first item to consider when selecting Portwest A4 Cut resistant gloves is what are the conditions and working environment. The following provides some general observations as to what type of coating is the most appropriate for your situation.

  • Dry Conditions;  PU ( Polyurethane ), Latex, Nitrile
  • Wet ; Latex, PU, and Sandy Nitrile
  • Oily ; Sandy Nitrile
  • Chemicals; Latex PVC
  • Heat;  Leather Palm

It is important to understand that it is not the coating of the glove that determines what the Cut level rating of a glove will be. The Cut Resistant Glove rating is based upon what the actual thread and material that the cut resistant glove is constructed from. The coating adds to the protection of the A4 Cut resistant gloves but the primary protection comes from the material itself.

Portwest A645 Level A4 Cut Resistant Glove

A4 Cut Resistant Gloves A4 Cut Resistant Gloves

The Portwest A645 Cut level A4 cut resistant gloves are an example of a Nitrile coated Cut Resistant glove. The Portwest A645 will provide Cut resistance at an A4 Level. The A645 A4 Cut resistant gloves with a nitrile coating is appropriate for just about all work environments previously mentioned. The A645 A4 Cut resistant glove offers great fingertip dexterity and the nitrile coating allows the user to handle small objects with ease. The Nitrile coating and the slight stickiness allows the handling of nails, screws and other small sharp objects. This A4 cut resistant glove is made from a HDPE yarn. This is a very breathable.


Portwest A621 Cut Resistant Glove Level A4 With 3/4 Dipped Cut Protection

A4 Cut Resistant Guantes A4 Cut resistant gloves

The Portwest A621 is a unique A4 cut resistant glove as it provides additional coverage to the back of the hand and the fingers are fully coated. The Nitrile Coating on the Portwest A621 A4 Cut resistant glove is a Foam Nitrile. Foam Nitrile A4 Cut resistant gloves are an excellent choice for work that may possibly be done outdoors in wet conditions. Foam nitrile A4 Cut resistant gloves provide a better grip than other coatings on A4 cut resistant gloves. The Portwest A621 is a foam nitrile Cut resistant glove and provides needed cut resistance protection in potential wet conditions.

Portwest A625 VIS Tex Cut Resistant Glove with Cut Level A4 Protection

A4 Cut Resistant Guantes A4 Cut Resistant Guantes

The Portwest A625 Vis Tex A4 Cut resistant glove is an A4 Cut resistant Glove. The palm and fingers of the A625 A4 Cut resistant glove have a PU coating. The unique design of the thread of the portwest A625 A4 A4 cut resistant Gloves provides limited protection from handling hot objects. The polyurethane A4 Cut resistant glove by Portwest is a favorite of many jobs that require great dexterity with the fingers. The Portwest S625 A4 Cut resistant glove is the right choice when needing an A4 Cut glove and fantastic fingertip dexterity.

Texas Safety Supply offers a Humongous selection of A4 Cut resistant Gloves available for speedy delivery to your front or back door!