Flame Resistant Uniforms, FR Uniforms

Flame Resistant Uniforms

FR Shirts, flame resistant shirtsFlame resistant uniforms and, FR Uniforms for short, are in high demand right now in the Oil and Gas industry, Flame Resistant uniforms are required by OSHA for Oil and Gas workers. Texas Safety Supply has the best FR Uniforms available at all the best prices. Flame resistant uniforms can also be referred to as fire resistant uniforms, fire resistant shirts and fire resistant pants. The correct terminology is Flame Resistant Uniforms. Purchasing flame resistant uniforms is an easy process with Texas Safety Supply as we sell thousands of FR uniforms every year. A complete set of a Flame resistant uniforms would consist of a FR Shirt, FR Pants and FR coveralls.

Evolution of FR Uniforms

FR PantsEmployers realized in the 1970's that employees in the oil and gas industry were severely injured and burned as a result of a Flash fires. Employers readily understood that current clothing fabrics ignited rapidly into a Flash Fire and were extremely difficult to extinguish. A Flash Fire is a fire that is extraordinarily intense  and expands rapidly. Employers realized that typical fabrics of Cotton and polyester work clothes would ignite and burn quickly and this needed to change. It was difficult to lessen the affects of burns and injuries with current clothing fabrics and changes in clothing fabrics needed to be made. Oil and Gas companies began looking for solutions to reduce these injuries by partnering with companies like DuPont and Milliken to develop fabrics that could reduce the risk of burn injuries. The first FR Uniform's fabrics were heavyweight and not comfortable to wear. A heavyweight FR uniform working in the Oilfields in the heat of summer seems as if it would be unbearable.

Lightweight FR Uniforms

FR CoverallsFortunately, with the continued development of lightweight fabrics in the FRC Clothing arena, FR Uniforms have become almost just like any other job's uniforms. An employee working at and Oil servicing company can expect to wear comfortable cotton fabrics with Flame Resistant fabrics and Flame resistant threads as an integral part of their FR Shirts and FR Pants. Texas Safety Supply has partnered with Portwest for our Flame Resistant uniforms and FR Uniform clothing. The Portwest brand is synonymous with quality and durability.  Our FR Customers and new customers reaching out to us for input on fire resistant uniforms, and flame retardant shirts are extremely pleased when they get to test and touch the Portwest FR shirts and FR Pants. The BZ31 FR Pants are fantastic, roomy and comfortable. The Portwest FR Shirts come in a Button Down FR Shirt, a Regular FR T-Shirt and a FR Henley T-shirt. The FR Henly T-shirt by Portwest is probably the Most popular FR Shirt.