Forklift Training and Certification

Employers have an obligation for the safety of all employees and are required by Law to certify that any employee operating a Forklift is trained and certified to be competent to do so and has demonstrated this through the proper completion of training required by OSHA 29 CFR. This training may consist of lectures, discussions, interactive computer training, videos, along with practical exercises to train, develop skill and to finally certify that any employee operating a forklift is trained and competent to do so.  This can be further reviewed on the OSHA web site at; . The training needs to consist of both instructional material and "hands on" training to ensure all operators are competent and possess the desired skill to be safe in the workplace. A good source for the interactive portion of your certification process can be found at . The training consists of narrated videos and meets OSHA's requirements. Forklift Tech also a "Train the Trainer" course for the individual(s) that will be teaching the material and certifying your employees. Available in English and Spanish. None of us wants to put an untrained employee on a piece of equipment that can be dangerous to operate if you are not trained and understand the fundamental differences between operating a Forklift versus a Motor Vehicle. The video below are some examples of some disastrous results that can happen by employees that are not properly trained.

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