Oil Field Impact Gloves for Midland / Odessa Oilfield Workers

Buy Oil Field Gloves proper oilfield gloves are crucial to workers safetyCommonly referred to as The Petroplex, the combined statistical area of Midland-Odessa located in West Texas is home to an economy that is heavily dependent on the petroleum industry. Due to its oil-soaked shale beneath the ground, The Petroplex is a leading energy powerhouse in the U.S. oil industry. As more and more oilfield jobs are created and being filled, high-quality oil field safety equipment is a must to keep up with the fast-paced work environment and level of work demand from employees. Many oilfield jobs require a lot of hands on work for the majority of their tasks, and with Impact Oil Field Gloves from Texas Safety Supply, gas and oil industry workers can be protected and keep up with their work load under all types of work and weather conditions.

Needs for Midland-Odessa Oilfield Glove Supply

Out in the Midland-Odessa Oilfield, safety of the workers comes first before many other needs in the industry. Working out in the oil fields requires many job requirements to be performed by hand, and to continue work through even the roughest of conditions, hand safety with oilfield gloves can protect a worker’s hands under many different conditions.

Joker oilfield gloves, as well as the MX series Jester oilfield gloves, offer glove designs for every work environment and weather condition. From the Joker Cold Weather Protection Impact Oil Field Gloves that keep Midland-Odessa oilfield workers hands safe and warm during the colder months to the Joker XSE that allow air flow to keep a workers hands cool and dry during the hotter months, hand safety and protection out on the oilfields can be achieved year-round. The MX-series of Jester oil field gloves offer high levels of impact protections as well. With slippery conditions while handling oil and oil machinery directly, workers can stay protected from impact and still grip onto equipment with slip-resistant silicone grip oil field gloves. No matter the condition, work environment, or job duties and risks, there’s a design to meet the need of any Midland-Odessa oilfield glove for hand safety and protection.

Oil Field Safety Gloves for Every Job Duty

At Texas Safety Supply, we take safety very seriously and want to make sure every worker is protected. Therefore, our Midland-Odessa oilfield glove supply also extends to employees throughout the entire oil industry. Along with our Joker Impact Oilfield Gloves, we also supply double palm cotton/poly oil field gloves that are available in 18 or 24 ounces as well as hi-viz orange and green colors, winter “Rig Impactor” impact resistant oil field gloves, and a full line of Joker mechanics gloves. Whether oilfield workers are working directly on the oilfields, working on the equipment or working on the sidelines and behind the scenes, your Midland-Odessa oilfield glove supply needs can be met to keep every employee’s hands safe and protected with Texas Safety Supply.

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