Off Shore Drilling Gloves, Oil and Gas Gloves

Many offshore drilling companies forecast offshore oil jobs to double over the next three to five years. Off Shore drilling Gloves, Oil and Gas Gloves are needed to keep employees safe. New technology and drilling techniques are opening new opportunities for these offshore drilling companies in the oil and gas industry. Some familiar Offshore companies are companies like Maersk, Transcoean, Diamond Offshore and Nabors. These are some of the leading providers of offshore drilling jobs and are a good place to start for those looking for offshore drilling jobs.

If you need to Purchase Off Shore Drilling Gloves Texas Safety has a large supply of oil and gas gloves.

Some Links to the oil companies job sites follow;

Maersk Transocean Diamond Offshore

A common job requirement for all of these offshore drilling companies for any job is a commitment to Safety by each and every employee. Offshore oil drilling companies require training to be an ongoing process for every employee whether one is an office administrative person or a pipe handle working with the oil drilling equipment. Offshore oil companies have a huge commitment to safety and keeping their employees safe in what can be tough working conditions is Job #1 for all. Leaders will not be in leadership position unless they truly have a deep seeded commitment to oil rig safety. Job safety training continues while on duty on the oil rig and ongoing safety training is often required while off duty from the oil rig.

Many offshore drilling companies separate job reporting structures into three job categories while on the oil rig . All three divisions ultimately report to the "Offshore Manager". The Offshore Manager is equivalent to the Captain a ship. He / She is responsible for everything that happens on an oil rig certainly for the safety of every one of those offshore drilling jobs employees on that Rig. The three oil job drilling categories that ultimately report to the Offshore manager are the Drilling Division, the Maintenance Division and the Marine Division.

In the Drilling Division, offshore oil job positions often start as a "Floorhand" also commonly known as a "Roughneck Job". Roughneck jobs are responsible for pipe handling, general drilling equipment and general cleaning and maintenance on the oil rig. A Roughneck job is an Oil job entry point for many oil drilling companies. Typical follow positions are Asst drillers, Drillers and Tool pusher oil jobs. Drillers and Tool Pusher jobs are responsible for safe operation and following oil rig safety and procedures. The Senior Tool Pusher reports directly to the Offshore manager and he or she is responsible for all aspects of the drilling operation including safety training for all the oil rig employees whether they are Petroleum Engineers or a entry level Roughneck.

The Marine Division offshore oil jobs entry level positions typically are a 'Roustabout'. A Roustabout oil rig position on an oil rig is hard work. Roustabout jobs are responsible for unloading supplies that are brought to the oil rig and general cleaning duties. Roustabouts report to the Crane operators who are responsible for Crane operations and to ensure that all safety policies and safety procedures are followed by all Roustabouts. Many offshore oil companies have safety policies and procedures that require most work to be automated that eliminate the use of Hands whenever and wherever possible. Hand injuries account for the majority of injuries for oil rig employees. Training is constant and employees at every level are encouraged to hold each other accountable for not allowing "short cuts". Hand injuries on oil rigs happen when people get in a hurry and take short cuts. Oil Rig employees eat, sleep and work as a team to go home safely to their families. You learn very quickly to follow the safety rules so that you don't hurt yourself or any one of your fellow oil rig employees.

Maintenance jobs are plentiful on oil rigs. Electricians are needed on oil rigs, there are many opening for oil rig welders and Rig Floor mechanics as well as Engine Room mechanics to work on an oil rig. As expected mechanical experience on shore helps tremendously.

A common characteristic of working on any oil rig is that the work is tough, the hours can be long, and no short cuts can be taken. Some oil job work requires hands on work to be done by oil rig employees even though procedures and tools are developed to keep oil rig employees hands safe. Texas Safety Supply provides some of the toughest gloves in the business for these tough jobs when the work must be done. Texas Safety Supply offers oil field impact gloves that tough under tough offshore drilling job conditions. Texas Supply has several Oil Rig Gloves with TPR on the back of the hand for protection, abrasion resistant fiber to protect against cut resistance, with high visibility colors and cut level 5 performance.

Winter impact oil field gloves, cold weather oil field gloves and waterproof oil rig gloves are some of our key specialties that we offer to keep offshore oil drilling employees safe in their offshore drilling workplace; Joker Cold Weather Oil Field Gloves Joker Cold Weather Waterproof oil field gloves Joker Cut Level 5 Winter Oil Field Gloves

Finally, a good animation of how the Off shore drilling process works and the Off shore drilling jobs involved in securing this key natural resource.


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