Oil and Gas Safety

The Oil and Gas Boom has had a huge impact on US Economy and on the drastic reductions of Energy Imports. Recent developments in Hydraulic fracturing and Horizontal directional drilling have allowed the US to reduce Oil imports by an amazing 44% over the past five years. Truly unbelievable. Remarkable.

Today, the US is poised to overtake Saudi Arabia in becoming the largest Oil producer in the world in 2014. Again, unbelievable. An excellent article in Bloomberg discusses this. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-04/u-s-seen-as-biggest-oil-producer-after-overtaking-saudi.html . Certainly something that no one would think possible 20 years ago.

The recent developments in horizontal drilling and fracturing have made all of this possible. Many experts now say that without this recent technology that Oil price would be approximately $150 a barrel versus the $92 a barrel it is today. http://qz.com/265580/the-us-shale-oil-boom-is-saving-the-world-almost-5-billion-a-day/ . Gas prices as a result of this oil and gas boom are dropping below $3 a gallon in many parts of the country which is a welcome sign for all US consumers. Allowing consumers to use those dollars for gas and now apply them for other goods and services which will help the economy to grow. Good for the consumer, good for the country. An excellent video to understand how this incredible technology and advances are possible is available here. A great explanation and the levels of safety that go into this process to protect the environment.

Year over Year "Oil and Gas Rig Counts" are growing at approx. 10% a year and many Oil and Gas deposits continue to be found and explored to further drive energy independence. Current US Rig Counts stand at 1931 Rigs with Texas leading the way with 900 current Rigs operational.

This article from the Washington Post is an excellent source to review the locations county by county of these Oil and Gas Rigs. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/govbeat/wp/2014/09/24/where-the-u-s-gets-its-domestic-oil-and-gas-in-two-maps/

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