OSHA Confidential Consultations for Small to Medium Sized Business

OSHA currently offers a service to small and medium sized business for a free, confidential workplace safety evaluations. This division of OSHA consultants operates separately from the OSHA enforcement division and will provide a free evaluation of your workplace without fines and citations conducted with complete confidentiality. An Excellent opportunity to find out what is wrong that needs to be corrected prior to an on site inspection. Learn more about this process  at the following OSHA link;   https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/smallbusiness/consult.html  This OSHA division conducted over 30,000 site visits last year with employers that employed over 1.5 million employees. OSHA wisely encourages maximum employee participation so that all employees learn about workplace hazards and to better understand compliance issues. Safety is a process with a multiple pronged approach to address hazards, unsafe work practices and ensuring proper training for all employees. Texas Safety Supply https://txsafetysupply.com/ offers a wide range of products to assist you in your goals and objectives of sending every employee home safe every day and is continuing to add Safety signs and safety signage https://txsafetysupply.com/traffic-safety.html  to easily identify potential work place hazards to all emplyees.


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