Safety Supplies Dallas TX, Same Day Delivery DFW

Safety Supplies Dallas TX, Same Day Delivery DFW

Texas Safety Supply is pleased to Announce that Effective December 1st, 2014 that we are now offering same delivery of Safety Supplies Dallas & DFW, Same Day Delivery and within the greater DFW Region for our Regular customers at no charge or at minimal rates depending on shipment size. Texas Safety Supply is a highly Responsive supplier of Safety Supplies in Dallas Texas and greater DFW

We are pleased to make this delivery adjustment to speed up delivery cycle times and reduce Inventory levels for these key required OSHA items for all Safety Supplies in Dallas TX customers within our DFW delivery zones. This same day delivery of safety supplies in Dallas TX and DFW reflects one of Core Values; that we will be the "Most Responsive" supplier of Industrial Safety Supplies in the markets that we serve. Delivery times and needs vary by each individual customer and on warehouse production levels.

Texas Safety Supply's goal is to respond to those needs of getting safety supplies delivered in a hurry in Dallas Texas and the greater DFW area . Texas Safety Supply has previously offered same day delivery but is making the same day delivery commitment from feed back from customers that same day delivery of Safety Supplies in Dallas Texas is a key factor in impacting operating decisions. Our competition typically respond to orders in two days and will turn over to Large package delivery companies and hope for the best. These large delivery companies are understandably fixed on their delivery routing needs and not on the customer. Packages are delivered when the route dictates. At Texas Safety Supply with our same day delivery of safety supplies in Dallas TX and DFW, we route based on logistics as well as urgent need. A big step in our commitment to be the most Responsive Supplier that your organization you work with in supplying your facility. We Listen, we respond, we handle it. The Right Way! Safety Supplies in Dallas the right way!

Reliable Managed Inventory

A step many Organizations are taking to reduce costs in the present Business Environment is to reduce hours and staffing in all departments including Purchasing. Texas Safety Supply has implemented Managed Inventories at many facilities to ease the time and stress burden of submitting orders to your Suppliers. Get to busy, miss a day for meetings and Supply Shortages can wreck havoc pretty quickly on a facility. Texas Safety Supply's managed Inventory takes that burden away.

We meet and discuss what your base inventory levels are for the Safety Supplies and Janitorial needs are that you have. Once these based Inventory levels are determined then once a week, twice a week, every two weeks etc, we review the Inventory Levels on site and restock to the level that you have advised. Simple as that. Texas safety Supply Manages your inventory, requests a purchase order and submits an Invoice. No more worries about running out of something. On vacation, don't worry about it we got it!  At Texas Safety Supply a Core Value is "Reliability." We do what say we're going to do. You can count on us to be the most Responsive, Reliable Supplier that you have at your facility.

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