Stay Safe From Metal Fumes With 3M N95 Respirators

Industry workers have to take precautions while working in close contact with metal fumes. Selecting the N95 Mask that is best suited for your need is of critical importance. While extreme cases like inhaling certain metal fumes can have fatal impacts, the risks of pneumonia, chest pain, cough, change in blood pressure and lack of appetite are common in such cases. The hazards attached can depend on the nature of work being done, the amount of exposure While welding professionals understand the risks imposed while working with gases and fumes, they are not often aware of the measures they need to take so as to remain healthy.

Long-term implications  of exposure to metal fumes

Whether short-term sickness or a long-term issue, inhalation of fumes and the continuous exposure to poisonous gases can result in affecting your health in an unprecedented way. Sometimes causing permanent illness like asthma, exposure to metal fumes may also lead to diseases where doctors prescribe the patients stop welding and choose a different career path to ensure a better health. Some of the commonly found implications of staying in contact with metal fumes are:

  • Pneumonia

Particularly prone to lung infections, patients in such cases can often end up with fatal pneumonia. Though the initial intakes of antibiotics are supposed to uproot the infection, in many a cases, the infections lead the patient to hospitals. A survey found that around 40-50 welders end up being hospitalized each year due to breathing metal fumes.

  • Asthma

More so for welders dealing with stainless steel welding, occupational asthma has been a rising concern. Combined effects can also include severe chest pain, and as a healthcare organization found, there were around 22 cases of occupational asthma due to stainless steel welding and more than 80 cases of asthma due to other welding fumes. So regardless of the nature of metal fumes, it is safe to conclude that metal fumes can cause chest pain and hence trouble the worker's health for a long time.


Protection ensured with 3M N95 respirators

Traditionally constructed from layers of cotton gauze, respiratory protection against metal fumes and particulate exposures can help one to stay protected while dealing with welding and poisonous gases. Designed as a loose-fitting, disposable device, this shields the wearer from the potential contaminants that are present in the immediate environment. Recommended for a short duration or light-duty wear times, 3M N95 respirators are effective in a variety of dusty applications and is a favorite for a large crowd of industrial workers. Coming in different designs to cater the particular needs of the wearer, 3M N95 respirators are less expensive as compared to other alternatives. You can look for the type, design and the cost for each 3M N85 respirator here. Based on your individual need and preference, you can select the protective mask that you must own lest you fall a victim to some disease while at work.

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