Understanding The Role of Oil Field Gloves

11111Industrial requirements have always gave rise to new and innovative technologies and thereby, the industrial work structure and workflow flourishes. The safety is a concern that automatically strikes our conscience when we adopt modern tools, technologies and equipments.

Understanding The Oil Field Jobs

The oil field jobs specifically hire the workers who are capable to encounter various strenuous situations. Oil which is considered as a source that suffices the energy needs of various industries is essential to extract from the oil fields and the role of oil field workers also known as Roughnecks is commendable. Roughnecks are strong, agile and trained to take various mechanical and situational impact for the oil field jobs. Oil field gloves which is a safety gears plays a big role in making things easier and stable to them. Since hands are the only sensory body parts that comes in direct contact with various strenuous situations and machine handling, oil field gloves provide a great amount of protection against various industrial hazards like cuts, abrasions, punctures and other unexpected situations.

Role Of Roughnecks in Oil Fields

Oil field workers or Roughnecks cannot be just hired but a strict guidelines and physical endurance is required in the job. The Oil field job is a physically intensive task that includes handling the heavy equipments and machines. It is a challenging job each day and a conscious effort in the team makes the oil extraction possible. The risk situations like oil spills, unnecessary cuts, unexpected abrasions, etc. are something that they need to accept and thus the industrial safety equipment manufacturers ensure that oil field gloves provide the adequate amount of protection to their hands in all the situations.

Any ignorance towards the use of safety gears like oil field gloves may cause damage and fatal situations. Many oil field workers lose their hands in the every tasks and even the fatal injuries become uncontrollable. Oil field gloves manufacturing industries understands their pain and thus follows a strict guidelines by OSHA to provide the optimum amount of protection through gloves. These gloves are time tested and have prevented a huge amount of fatal situations. Any experience oil field workers recognize the importance of them and would never compromise their safety by not wearing it on the job day.

Challenges Associated With Oil Industries

The labor tasks in the oil and gas industries is physically exhausting and is considered among the most strenuous tasks that the labors perform among various industries. It involves high amount of risks that are associated with various body organs especially hands. Oil slippage may cause the equipment to slip from the hands and to prevent it, oil field gloves are constructed with a grippy material and multiple stitching over them. This helps in holding the machines and equipments even at the high vibrations for the long period of time.

The sudden stone breaking during the oil field minings may directly hit the hands and knuckles. This can even damage the bones and ligaments and thus the inner as well as the outer material of oil field gloves are constructed very strong and rigid enough to take the impact

Earlier leather was considered the best material and the multiple layers of them were stitched together in the manufacturing of oil field gloves. As the industry evolved and more innovative technologies like thermoplastic rubber, molded material, usage of durable plastic, Hi- Spandex and various other impact soaking materials were introduced.

Not just the impact but the the oil field gloves also has the high and low temperature resistance and can adequately keep the temperature of hands warm. It can be said that the oil field industries have reached a point where the top notch safety of hands can be assured. However, the industrial owners and workers should be educated and are required to made aware of its worth. Jester MX 215 Oil Field Impact Gloves and Joker MX 1137 Cut Level 5 Winter Oil Field Gloves are two such oil field gloves that you may find useful for your industrial purpose.

Industrial Analysis of Fatalities

Recently the alarmingly high fatality rate in oil and gas industries became the topic of utmost concern to the oil field workers. Even when OSHA has put down the strict guidelines and instruction of using the oil field gloves during the work time, there are several oil field industries which are not adhering to the cause. The industrial owners need to understand that their workers are an asset to them and non adherence of OSHA guidelines may cost them in a long run.

In many cases the women have suffered the fatalities too. There should a strict penalty provision in the law in addition to spreading the awareness about the oil field gloves. This can possibly reduce the accidents and ignorance of many industrial workers. A strong compliance to the safety measures by the government is the key to prevent hazardous and fatal situations in the oilfield industry.

Improving Safety With Oil Field Gloves


Not every oil field worker is aware of the oil field gloves and their correct usage. Some areas in the oil field industries are not even approached for spreading awareness for the same.

Cost is also an issue that revokes various oil field workers to choose a good quality gloves. It should be the responsibility of the core industry managers and employers that they reach out their workers and provide them the rigid oil field gloves.

Oil Field Gloves Choosing Tips

It is highly recommended that you should learn to choose the right oil field gloves for your industrial usage. There are plethora of oil field gloves to choose from. Cut level resistance is another factor that decides the rigidity of an oil field glove.

The cut resistance vary from level 1 to level 5 with latter being the most rigid and agile. The dexterity offered by the oil field gloves should be such that you can easily handle various equipments and oil field tools. The size should never be compromised but should fit snug to your fingers and palm area.

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