Eye & Face Protection

Safety Glasses are one of the key components for personal safety and protection in the work place. Safety Glasses provide protection from very real hazards in the work place. If Safety glasses are not worn there is potential for long lasting loss of vision or damage to one's eyesight. Safety Glasses are an affordable piece of the PPE protection puzzle but are primary factor because poor vision can cause injury to other parts of the body. Texas Safety Supply purchases thousands of pairs of Safety Glasses every year, thus we are able to provide the best safety glasses at the best price available online. To improve compliance, purchase quality safety glasses. Safety Glasses that are comfortable to wear all day long. The purchase of Low Quality safety glasses may result in employees removing them due to discomfort.

  • Anti-Fog ( AF ) Lens Safety Glasses for high humidty perspiration work situations
  • Amber Lens Safety Glasses for Low Light situations, cloudy day, early monring hours improving contrast
  • Blue Lens Safety Glasses for Bright Light conditions. Blue Lens Safety Glasses Reflect Bright UV Rays increasing visibility