Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles assist in the prevention of liquids coming in contact with the eyes and causing short term or long term damage to the Vision of the User. OSHA requires employers to identify potential hazards in the workplace such as flying debris, liquids, Gases and Chemicals and vapors that could impact the Vision of the employee. The appropriate eye protection, safety glasses or safety goggles, must be provided by the employer and the employer must ensure that employees wear their eye protection while on duty and exposed to the above hazards. Additionally, Employers must ensure that employees are trained in the Proper, wear and adjustment of Safety goggles in the work place. Texas Safety Supply offers Uvex safety Goggles and Safety goggles with a shaded lens for those working outdoors in bright light conditions. Texas Safety Supply has Goggles for humid conditions with anti fog lenses to keep lens clean and clear visibility.