Uncorded Ear Plugs

Moldex earplugs and 3M earplugs in both Uncorded earplugs, or disposable ear plugs, are intended for use during a single work shift by an employee. Moldex earplugs, 3m Earplugs, Pyramex ear plugs and Howard Leight ear plugs are some of the Leading Manufacturers of ear plugs stocked by Texas Safety Supply. Uncorded ear plugs are designed to be inserted into the ear canal of those exposed to noise hazards in the work place environments with significant noise. Ear plugs can also protect the ear canal from dirt and dust that may enter the ear canal and cause future hearing problems. Uncorded ear plugs are primarily made of polyurethane which can be molded to each users ear canal and from PVC Material. Some ear plugs are tapered on the inserted end to fill the entire ear canal and protect from hearing hazards like warehouse, manufacturing, and ear plugs for shooting ranges.

  • NRR, or Noise Reduction Rating, is a guideline that indicates the amount of potential protection a hearing protection device will give in a noisy environment. NRR is the decibel (dB) reduction provided by hearing protection based on laboratory test data.
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