Protective Clothing

Dupont Tyvek suits for protection from hazards environments, chemicals and paints. Tyvek suits are a favorite of Mold removal professionals, Asbestos removal professionals and painters. Tyvek suits provide a barrier of protection from small sized particles that may be hazardous to one's health. Texas also provides Jag Shield coveralls with similar properties that offer protection from dirt and grime and work hazards. Both Coveralls and Overalls provide needed protection with several options for Head, foot encapsulating suits. Rain suits and Rain Jackets are also a necessity for those exposed to working outdoors and we have you covered there with economical rain suits all the way to top of the Line options. Bouffant caps are needed by those in the Food industry and we have a large supply in just the right size and color that you need. Several options of sleeves are available from Vinyl sleeves for the food industry to Cut Resistant sleeves for those working in industries exposed to sharp objects like metal fabrication or window manufacturing. Whatever your need for Protective clothing, we have you covered. 

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