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Cotton work gloves are an economical choice for hand protection from dirt and grime and buying from Texas Safety Supply allows your to purchase cotton work gloves at Bulk Wholesale prices. Cotton work gloves are also a good choice when cut, puncture and abrasion resistance is not needed. Cotton work gloves can often be purchased for an economical price when work gloves are purchased in Bulk quantities. Wholesale Glove Supplier prices allow the user to help reduce expenses by buying Gloves in Bulk Quantities. Cotton work gloves are sometimes referred to as 'String Gloves' or 'Cotton String Gloves. Another commonly used type of cotton work gloves are Cotton gloves with PVC dots on both side or perhaps just one side. Cotton PVC 2 sided dot gloves are often used when the user may be picking up objects in the work place that may be a bit slick. The PVC dotted cotton work gloves grip improves grip, handling and efficiency without leaving marks or fingerprints on the products. Cotton work gloves at wholesale prices can often be bought at economical prices.

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    26 Item(s)